5 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Cats

Be Audacious

If I had the audacity of my cats, I would be a millionaire by now. My kitten Tufty truly believes it is her birthright to eat whatever it is we are eating. And god forbid we be cooking meat or anything that smells like meat- she will crawl up us like a tree as we fend her off before she gets to the stove. My older cat Duny is equally audacious, feeling if we have been working for too long that play time is far overdue. He will howl and whine and head butt us until we prance around with his mouse string toy. Yes we are bossed around by our cats. We have long accepted our peasant standing in their kingdom. But I’m learning to focus on my own desires no matter how much I have to crawl after and howl for them. I haven’t tried the head butt tactic yet.

Be Honest About How You Feel

Duny is hyper clear about how he feels in every moment. We are never wondering how he’s doing. He is vocal and direct about every situation, from meal times and morning cuddles to bringing a new puppy home. And he just loves spontaneous cuddles from mom and dad as seen below!

Start the Day off Right

My cats won’t let me get out of bed without a good 20 minute cuddle in the morning. As soon as they feel me stirring they come and sit on my chest, nuzzling and purring and being too damn cute to let me move. And they know it. But also starting my day with nuzzles from the fluffiest, most perfect creatures makes me so happy to wake up every morning.

Cuddle the One You Love

Have I mentioned my cats are obsessed with each other? If they aren’t sitting on me, following my hubby for food, or bossing the dog around, they are spooning each other in deep sleep. They remind me to cuddle my man as often as possible!

Always Find the Patch of Sunshine

No matter how late in the day it is, Tufty always finds that little patch of sunlight by whichever window is letting it in. Every day she finds it, and everyday she blissfully basks in it until the sun moves. And then she finds another patch by another window. She reminds me to find my own patches of sunlight in life every single day. And to keep finding them, no matter what changes.

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