The Perfect Sunday Morning

A Story About My Family

Asha Noel Iyer
3 min readOct 8, 2020
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I wake up to a weight on my chest and 4 yellow-green eyes looking up at me. My cats, Duny and Tufty, are sprawled out all over me, overjoyed I’m finally awake. It’s a Sunday morning, and Sunday mornings don’t have alarms. They luxuriously stretch out over me, I’m defenseless against their rumbling purs. A pale, morning light fills the bedroom. We are a tangle of paws and sheets. I breathe slowly.

I lazily making my way to the kitchen to make a hot cup of coffee, bypassing the dishes that need to be put away. This is a lazy morning. I choose my mug of the day- I adore my mugs. I get the Keurig going, smelling the nutty, earthy aroma of my favorite brew fill up the kitchen. This is my favorite part of every day.

Michael is already up, having his own lazy morning. I kiss his head as he drinks his cappuccino, racing and cursing a villain in Kingdom Hearts. I get cozy at the kitchen counter with a blanket, my book, and my piping hot coffee. Milo is passed out on the floor with a bone half hanging out of his mouth, happy to be in the relaxed company of mom and dad. The cats take this time to investigate- the beast is asleep!

It’s a perfect morning, lost in our world of fantasy and caffeine.

A few chapters later, I emerge. My hero just met a milestone. Michael just won a battle. We are victorious and now hungry. Hello Postmates! We debate over french toast vs. breakfast burritos. Or what if we got nachos for breakfast would that be weird? We settle on breakfast burritos, and get more coffee brewing.

The percolating coffee spikes Duny’s interest. He jumps on the counter and watches the coffee drip slowly into the mug, fascinated. Michael settles back into his game. He won a battle not the war! As Kingdom Hearts music cues up, I get more espresso boiling for him. I set up his mug: 1 stevia and a touch of frothed oat milk. I navigate my way around Duny and bring our hot mugs to the couch. This time Michael looks up at me and gives me a big kiss.

“I love our life baby. Thank you for the coffee.”

My heart swells.

I settle into the couch, pulling the plush, plaid blanket over my legs and feet. I tuck myself in so that not a single toe is exposed. Milo jumps up to cuddle with mom. He’s stinky, we’ve gotta give him a bath tonight. But he’s so happy I can’t help but throw my arms around him and give him a big kiss. I sip my hot coffee and get back to my book, Kingdom Hearts music playing and my family content as can be. There’s a knock at our door: Breakfast burritos have arrived!! This is the perfect Sunday morning.

This is Day 1, Prompt 1 of my 30 Prompts for 30 Days Journey! The Prompt was: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day? Follow my 30 day journey here!



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