As the pandemic and stay-at-home orders continue

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A pandemic. Stay at home order. Civil unrest. Vicious police brutality. The American West on fire. RBD passing. Unemployment at an all-time high. Businesses tanking. Death tolls rising. And now a new strain of the virus. Could these times get any worse?

For so many people, the answer will be yes in the form of being in the ICU, an unexpected funeral, months of homeschooling continuing, having to move, or not knowing how to get out of bed. 2020 was a year of tremendous loss and sadness. And while there are so many things to be grateful for, there are…

It goes much deeper than Youtube yoga & baking bread

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It’s 9 am on a Tuesday morning, our windows are all open and the morning light is flooding in. There’s a slight breeze coming through, our puppy’s nose high in the air, our cats deep with curiosity on the window’s ledge. My husband and I are sipping our first cup of coffee, he’s on a work call, I’m writing away.

What a gift to have fresh air and sunlight in our home after months of lockdown with fires parading the west coast, ash raining down from the sky, and the air being even scarier to breathe in (as if an…

How the Lost Souls of LA Make it the Best City in the World

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Los Angeles: the city of dreams, palm trees, and world-famous traffic. Also home to tiny dogs in purses, smog, endless oat milk ads, “athleisure” culture, and some of the best food you’ll find in the world (My Thai restaurant in Koreatown I mean come on).

Some stereotypes are true, the majority are not. But the thing I love most about this city is that we’re a town of broken toys. Everyone here is so human. So flawed. And so ceaselessly looking for purpose. The feeling of ambition in this city is acute. Most people aren’t from here, they left their…

I felt victim to my “endless to-do list”

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I’ve always been notorious for filling space. I’m like a cat. I fluidly find a way to squeeze through, curl up, and envelop myself in any empty gap I see. What do I mean? I can’t not be busy. I can’t not fill my schedule until it pours over and I have 30 things to freak out about doing. I don’t know how not to do this. If overwhelm was a praised skill in America, I’d be a CEO by now.

My darling husband tries to help- he’s seen me dig myself into this hole over and over for years…

Hint: It Doesn’t Exist

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Finding time to write these days is hard. I, like so many of us, have been home 24/7 since March of this year. The days stretch out ahead of us, 24 empty hours to fill every day. It’s such a gift. But also, an endless, cantankerous battle of what to do when.

In the morning my brain is fresh, creative, full of stories. The day is full of possibility. There’s nothing better than writing at my desk with a hot cup of coffee and a quiet house filled with morning light.

But that’s the ideal.

In our household mornings are…

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I am a half South Indian/half Scottish, American-born woman. My whole life has been a cultural conundrum, both in how I see life and how others see me. I grew up in California with the Indian side of my family, saturated in Indian customs and culture. I also got to visit my Scottish/Southern family in Georgia every summer. Curry and fried chicken are the pinnacles of my childhood, as are Hindu ceremonies and Sunday church. …

Everything is Going to Be Okay.

Image by United Nations Covid 19 Response on Unsplash

I know this is the scariest, most enraging, precarious time in the world that you and your generation have ever experienced. You have a devastatingly inept government. Your leaders have led your nation into disaster. 210,000 in the US have died from Covid. Black people are still getting brutally killed- Bryonna’s murderers are still happily tucked in their beds at night. There hasn’t been any police reform. Fires in the American west haven’t slowed down, ash is raining down from the sky as you read this.

On a personal note, you and Michael both lost your jobs and all your…

Or Maybe on Etsy. Here is My Journey.

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My ideas around art used to be big and abstract. I grew up looking at gorgeous impressionistic art that my mom shared with me- Monet, Van Gogh, the greats. I was always so intrigued by the fact that it all looked so blurry and discombobulating when you looked at it up close, but if you took a few steps back it all made perfect sense, the blurry image emerging into a woman and a child, or a bridge over lily pads. “Remember this about life”, my mom told me, “perspective changes everything.”

I liked impressionistic art. I liked that it…

A Story About My Family

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I wake up to a weight on my chest and 4 yellow-green eyes looking up at me. My cats, Duny and Tufty, are sprawled out all over me, overjoyed I’m finally awake. It’s a Sunday morning, and Sunday mornings don’t have alarms. They luxuriously stretch out over me, I’m defenseless against their rumbling purs. A pale, morning light fills the bedroom. We are a tangle of paws and sheets. I breathe slowly.

I lazily making my way to the kitchen to make a hot cup of coffee, bypassing the dishes that need to be put away. This is a lazy…

What happens when I write & publish every single day?

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It’s been an interesting few days. I fell back in love with writing three weeks ago, when I opened up Medium again and published my first story in years. Friends and family raved, moms of childhood friends gave me glowing Facebook reviews. It was small, but a joy to remember I’m a writer, and that I can affect people with my words and the thing I love most: stories.

Two weeks later, I’ve finished 5 more articles. At first I went on a publishing spree, overjoyed to write and share my work again. I read about the Medium Partnership Program…

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